Emerging India has a population of 1.3 billion people of which 65% are below the age of 35 & 50 % below the age of 25 years. India is set to become world’s largest populated country by 2025 surpassing China. India’s demographics are also favourable with an average age of 29 years compared to 37 years of China & 49 years of Japan. India’s dependency ratio stands at 0.4%.

If we add up the neighbouring countries of Nepal ,Bhutan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka to the above the addressable market size of South Asia is huge and cannot be ignored. It presents a sizable market and business opportunity across Industries & Sectors.

With the above demographics India’s domestic market offers a huge opportunity as the Indian economy is mostly  domestic driven and less reliant on exports unlike  South East Asian  Nations. India is witnessing rapid urbanisation and increased disposal incomes.

India has climbed up substantially in ease of doing business over past few years and stands at 63rd place as per recent rankings. Making it the one of world’s top 10 most improved countries for the third consecutive time.With it’s proactive and business friendly government ,India is welcoming foreign investors in various sectors. The present government has unleashed a host of economic reforms to make the environment more business friendly and the pace of reforms is unabated. India is also investing heavily in improving its infrastructure.

As India sits halfway between Japan and African Continent, it can provide a springboard for Japanese companies to cater to Africa & MENA market out of India.

 India with it’s stable political climate and one of the largest democracy offers a great opportunity to Japanese companies to seize business opportunities beyond South East Asia. Perhaps it’s a next frontier for them which cannot be ignored. 

Hence India stands out as a bright spot in post Covid world.

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